Movie – Flightplan

Jodie Foster in Flightplan
Kyle Pratt (Foster), recovering from the trauma of her husband jumping from a roof in Berlin, is flying with her daughter to New York with her husbands casket. While aboard the plane Kyle wakes from a nap to find her daughter Julia gone. While searching the plane the captain reveals that medical records show that Julia died prior to Kyle even boarding the plane. Mysterious eh?

Let’s start with actors. The movie has a fairly good cast. Sean Bean, Peter Sarsgaard and Jodie Foster all play major roles. Prior to Flightplan the only other movie I’d seen Peter in was Garden State, after seeing this movie I’m making a mental note to find more of his films as his acting in Flightplan was excellent. For about the first half of the movie he was the only thing that made this movie worth watching. Usually I quite like Jodie Foster, but she was far from being my favourite actress this time. Granted, it must be hard to play a delusional mother and still be likable, but her character and the way she acted it didn’t particularly agree with me. Sean Bean wasn’t too bad either, not his best work, but not bad either.

As far as the movie in general goes, I had fairly mixed feelings about it. I didn’t particularly like the first half of the movie. In fact it quite annoyed me. Kyle goes a bit hysterical and starts ordering the crew of the plane around like she herself is the captain. That sort of thing annoys me a lot. About halfway through things get better and eventually quite good. I was quite enjoying the ending although it was sort of spoiled by what I consider could quite possibly be one of the cheesiest last lines in a movie I’ve ever seen. I was starting to feel a bit sad towards the end (in a good way), and that line totally killed it.

If you’ve seen this movie you’ll know how implausible the plot is. About halfway through the movie you’ll start picking out some plot holes and wondering how on earth some of this managed to happen. It could be that that’s the magic of movies, allowing things to happen that wouldn’t usually happen, but some of the stuff in this movie was a bit too far-fetched and had a couple plot holes to many.

Overall, I’m giving this one 5.8 (yup, I’ve moved into decimals) out of 10. It sports a decent cast and some decent acting but truly I think that (mainly Sarsgaard) was the only thing that held it together. If your a movie junkie then it’s probably worth seeing, otherwise I’d recommend finding something else.


One Response to “Movie – Flightplan”

  1. Mozric Says:

    Yeah, I heard that it was a planecrash of a movie. Glad to hear that I’m not missing anything by not seeing it.

    Nice review dude.

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