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PC game – Neverwinter Nights

August 19, 2007

Dual weilding kama monk? Yes please

For my first game review, I thought I might as well do it on one of my favourite role-playing games ever. Neverwinter Nights. It’s got pretty much everything I look for in a game; cheap price tag, low system requirements, decent graphics, good gameplay and a lot of replayability.

Neverwinter Nights does have both a very good single player campaign (admittedly I have never completed all the expansions) but I believe the best part about it is the endless opportunities that the multiplayer support offers. To get full use of the multiplayer you’ll need to get all the expansions (Core game, HotU and SoU) however you can get the entire box set for $40 (AUD) or less so it’s really not a problem. You’ll also want to download the CEP (Community Expansion Pack) which adds in another 400 megs of animations, weapons, races and other content. Once you have all this though, you are set to play on nearly any of the easily accessible servers (just start the game and click multiplayer). Depending on your style, you can play deathmatch/capture the flag games where you create a level 40 character and battle it out among other characters. Other servers such as Higher Ground require the player join groups of similarly skilled players to gain experience and level up. Higher Ground also adds in another 20 levels. Meaning you can now reach level 60 instead of 40.

Dual sword weilding assassin. I have a thing for dual weilding don't I?

It’s a true that Neverwinter Nights is starting to get fairly old, but I really don’t think it matters. Some people seem to have a supreme dislike for anything more than year old and that doesn’t require ten thousand gigs of RAM, but in my opinion, like wine, games can only get better with time. The game is just as enjoyable as it was a 5 years ago and when you finally do get bored you can just join another server, as each one offers a different style of play. I’m quite fond of the graphics and the detail that has gone into the armour and weapons, obviously by today’s standards they’re nothing special, but when you’ve been plagued with rubbish computers all your life like I have, you stop judging a game by it’s graphics. Also, being an older game dramatically decreases the price tag, making it very good value for money.

Most importantly Neverwinter Nights is extremely fun to play and because of the varied playing styles, there is a lot of replayability. Originally there were 7 races to choose from but the CEP adds in many more. Some servers utilize this, giving the player the ability to choose from a much wider range of races. There are 17 different classes to choose from and its also possible to combine up to three of them, attaining skills from each to get the best both worlds. Classes include old favourites like fighter, ranger, cleric or sorcerer and several prestige classes such as assassin, shadow dancer and arcane archer.

Cast magic missile!

Overall I give this game a 10 stars out of 10. If your a big fan of DnD style role-playing games like I am I strongly urge you to buy this game.