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Movie – Smokey And The Bandit

September 30, 2007

Bandit, Cledus and Frog

Now here’s a movie no home should be without. Two very (in)famous truck drivers, Bandit and Cledus, make a bet that they can drive to Texas, pick up 300 crates of illegal Coor’s beer and be back in Georgia within 28 hours. Such a noble cause I know. It goes fairly well until they accidentally attract the attention of an ill-tempered Sheriff Buford T Justice (have you ever heard such a cheesy name?). It’s a very fun and light hearted action/comedy movie that’s full of excellent chase sequences, vast amounts of hilarity and the odd romantic scene.

Burt Reynolds is the ever cool ‘Bandit,’ named so for some of his previous exploits. Reynolds acts rather well and creates a very likeable character. Jerry Reed plays Cledus Snow (nicknamed Snowman). He’s Bandit’s truck driver and although not as exuberant as Bandit, is still a very likable guy that’s been acted well, not mention he has wicked sideburns. Sally Field plays the part of the super chatty Frog. Her character is very cute, although also a little bit crazy. I can’t really finish this paragraph without talking about Jackie Gleason’s character either. Sheriff Buford T Justice is the most prejudiced and angry cop you’ve ever seen. I have to admit that Gleason has played this part very well.

The cinematography, editing and dubbing in this movie is horrendous. In fact some of the dubbing is so hilariously bad that one could compare it to Kung Pow, the only difference there is that Kung Pow was meant to look bad. Kung Pow jokes aside, somehow I think this actually works in it’s favour, it’s difficult to explain but it makes the movie seem more real and… likable for some. Like I said, hard to explain.

I absolutely love this movie, so I’m giving it 9.1 stars. It’s an absolute gem and everyone should go out of their way to see it. I must stress however that you see the first Smokey and the Bandit, not the second or third. They are another story altogether.