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September 8, 2007

Protect for sure.
Long ago the mystical Allspark was sent to earth to conceal it’s power from Megatron. Now a century later the Decepticons have traced the Allspark to Earth and are well on their way to locating it, which spells near certain doom for all humans. Cue Autobots! The heroic Autobots have landed on Earth to save the human race and stop the Decepticons obtaining the Allspark. Transformers turned out to be an absolutely brilliant movie, featuring stunning battle scenes, many laugh-out-loud moments and all your favourite transforming robots.

I’ve never been a very hardcore fan of transformers (fairly certain I’m about to become one) but the movie keeps most of the things that we all liked about the original show. Most of your favourite transformers return, Optimus is still a giant truck and Megatron is still a huge badass. Some of their forms have been changed (Megatron was meant to turn into his pistol form in the original script) but overall I think it makes the movie more aesthetically pleasing and awesome.

Now, it has to be said, visually this movie is absolutely amazing. For all you action junkies out there you’ll be happy to note there’s no shortage of action sequences. There are many battles scattered from beginning to end, eventually leading to the ‘climax battle’ (I made that up), which is also full of awesome sauce. I’m unsure who’s responsible for animating the transformers themselves, but they’ve done a superb job, props guys.

Prior to having seen Transformers I wasn’t particularly thrilled by the list of people associated with it. I’ve never really been a fan of Shia, maybe it’s just because he seems to keep getting roles as the annoying sidekick type person (I Robot, Constantine etc), but in Transformers I was actually rather impressed. I’d never seen Megan Fox before but her acting was pretty good too. There were some fairly cheesy lines between her and Shia but I suppose it was that kind of movie. Like most people I was bit worried about Micheal Bay being attached as director, but after seeing this my faith in his directing capability has been fully restored, truly heroic effort.

Overall I give this movie 9.4 stars. It’s well worth paying the money for, maybe even twice. Autobots, roll out!